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Achieve efficiency and integration

through a new working style

A versatile tool applicable across all departments and external parties.

Your own build,

Your own mechanism.

Build your own working environment.

Import, view, and edit your data in

3 different modes

A little something for every employee in your company,
each designed specifically for convenience and fast-learning.


Table view
Our original mode, especially useful for those who will be doing a lot of data registration. Less human error because we have designed it so that users can obtain higher operation control.


Grid view
Grid view is designed for those who are used to the classic spreadsheet look. This means our users will be able to use Hexalink immediately. Grid view is optimized for data checkers and editors.


Board view
Also usable for task and business process management, board view is very useful for teams and upper management who wants to look at projects or tasks overview.


Our original view

Generate reports and charts

  • from data located in different multiple files.

  • to detect hidden problems.

Remember those times when you have to search for data scattered in your computer when creating reports for your boss? Save time through Hexalink's Data Report feature. It allows you to grab any data from different locations and immediately create a report.
Prefer something a little more visual? Hexalink can generate visually attractive charts from your DataReport. These charts will be your best friend when you want to detect problems you didn't notice your company have.


Grab data from different sources...

By consolidating Excel and spreadsheets which were scattered throughout the company into Hexalink, we were able to achieve more efficient operations.

Consulting Company
Human Resources Department


Hide some data from external parties...

Manage privacy settings

  • for user types or groups.

  • for each data, fields, or projects.

Those times when you want to share certain company information from third-party collaborators and/or clients, but also hide the rest of your company information? You can quickly give and take information access depending on the user type and group. Speed up data sharing and manage data privacy easily.
You can also specify which data, file, or project to be shared with or hidden. Hexalink has a really flexible and customizable privacy and security settings!

Why use Hexalink?

Increase working efficiency

Using Hexalink will definitely help in improving employees' working speed as it provides a platform where everyone can work in.
The flow of business management and operations will be significantly enhanced as there is almost no wasted time on waiting for one process to go to the next.
All your data will be stored in one place. Hexalink made it convenient for everybody to search for data so that they can start work immediately.
It will also keep everyone across departments on the same page and updated in real time.

Everything at the same place

Changing your management from traditional pen-and-paper method to IT systems means greatly reducing tangible costs.
Hexalink is priced competitively, making sure that you can achieve modernization much quicker and cheaper than creating your own inbound IT system.

Achieve system modernization at a cheap price

Cutomization for your needs

Hexalink is extremely versatile and flexible, thus making it possible to be used across different industries and departments.
You can add your own features using API Javascript, or we can make the customizations for you.