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Zaico is a cloud inventory management software that can be used easily from a PC or a smartphone. It focuses on optimizing inventory management as well as reducing personnel and and inventory management costs to achieve smooth business development.

API Integration

Hexalink   X   Zaico

In inventory management, PO work consumes a lot of time. For every order, the process of creating a purchase order, obtaining approval, and sending an email to place the order is repeated. As an addition, you always have to keep track on the suppliers' shipping status.
These problems can be solved by integrating Hexalink with inventory management tools like Zaico. By acquiring inventory data from Zaico, you can start PO processes automatically. This is because Hexalink automatically creates the PO for that inventory when it reaches your reorder point. The PIC will only need to input necessary data for the PO. Your time for complicated PO work can be greatly reduced.

Obtain 100% control over your inventory

You can only keep track of your inventory list and amount using Zaico. But with Hexalink's API integration, now you can also manage your inventory POs and check the shipping status of your inventory.

Save labor time using automatic PO creation

No more wasting time checking which inventory needs restocking. No more manually creating each PO order. When your inventory reaches your reorder point, Hexalink will automatically create a new PO order, and all you need to do is check if the PO information is correct before placing the order.